Grade Two

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  1. Pierre Lessard says:

    Hi I am Pierre Lessard, le papa de Lili Girard Lessard en 2A
    J’aurais voulu voir groso modo ce qui se fait en 2ième
    Puisque l’an passé ça ma échappé completement.
    No problem replying in english

    • I am going to accept your offer to reply in English! 🙂

      You can find some basic information on the Louis-H-Lafontaine school website, in French, here:

      Essentially, in grade one and two, the students see the English teacher once a week for one hour. We use the “A Tiny Twist to English” program in grade one and two. (In grade one, the students use Activity Book One, and in grade two, they use Activity Book Two).

      In grade two, the children should learn to understand instructions and classroom routines (e.x. “pick up your pencil,” “write your name,” etc.). They should learn basic vocabulary to express their needs (e.x. “washroom, please,” “no pencil,” etc.) They should acquire the simple vocabulary of the songs, rhymes and stories that we study in class.

      The evaulation is similar to last year’s. The two competencies evaluated are “To act on understanding of texts,” and “To communicate orally in English.” In order to evaluate, I watch to see if students participate by responding to my instructions in class, if they are able to do the gestures that go with the songs, and if they make an effort to join in when we learn songs and rhymes. The students are evaluated on both competencies for the second and final semester only. We do not evaluate in the first semester because, frankly, I have too many students and I do not know them well enough yet to evaluate. It would not be fair. Of course, if your child is having difficulty, I will let you know before the end of the second semester and we can talk about it.

      Finally, in order to support your child’s progress, please ask him or her about the rhymes and songs. Right now we are working on “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar.” The students are always welcome to bring their workbooks home. They should just come and speak with me after class and I will give it to them to take home. (Usually, the workbooks stay in the English classroom).

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