About Me

My name is Jessica.  I am the English teacher at François de Laval elementary school.  This blog is a place for parents to find out what their child is doing in English class, as well as a place for students to find extra help and resources to help them learn English.  I hope that you will find the blog useful!

Je m’appelle Jessica.  Je suis enseignante d’anglais à l’école primaire François de Laval.  Ce blogue est un lieu pour informer les parents sur ce qui ce passe dans les cours d’anglais.  C’est aussi un espace où les élèves pourront trouver des ressources et des liens intéressants pour les aider à apprendre l’anglais.  J’espère que vous allez trouver ce blogue utile!


18 Responses to About Me

  1. mathis and family says:

    Hi Jessica,
    A quick note to wish you a good back-to-school season.

    We wish you the best ! we hope our paths will cross again,

    Mathias and his family

  2. Nesrine says:

    Hi miss jessica im in grade six

  3. Nesrine says:

    I have a question .we have homeworks this year ?

  4. meriem says:

    hi jessica can i know my note in the exam of today (tuesday) i look forward ! i am very hasty to know my result … you corrected ?? if yes please say me my result i hope i got a good grade !

    thank you


  5. Nesrine says:

    Hi Jessica can i know my note in the examen (tuesday)

  6. Nesrine says:

    Do you know an other application to learn english i have duolingo but i want an other application

  7. Nesrine says:

    Hello miss Jessica , where i can found a good english dictionnary my mother say maybe i can found one in Renaud Bray but im not sure.

    • Hi Nesrine, You can actually find good English dictionaries online for free! For example, merriam-webster.com is an excellent dictionary. If you want to buy the book version, I would recommend merriam webster. You can probably find it at Renaud-Bray in their foreign languages section. If not, go downtown to Indigo. 🙂

      On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 12:12 PM, Jessica's English Class wrote:


  8. Nesrine says:

    Ok thank you 😉

  9. meriem says:

    hi jessica how are you

    can you give me 2 or more exercice for next year cause i will go in english intensive
    so please just send me 2 paper or more and i will print them
    i really wanna practice
    tank you for your help


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